SAV -85:

SAV -85 features a TF card, RJ45 port, Line in, Line out

You can control the SAV-85 with your phone, tablet etc using Wifi, to play high quality sound, the SAV-85 allows you to have multi room access, you can attach a set of 2 speakers onto the systems,  or you can use an aux cord with your tablet to play music if you so wish.

1.A shiny blue colour, the design looks good on the eye

  1. Phone APP manipulation, WIFI Internet connection, with a huge online database full of music sources.
  1. Support MP3 / WMA / APE / PLAC / OGG / AAC / AC3 ​​music formats.AUX external music automatic detection capability


1.Power: AC110V-AC220V 50Hz

2.Output Power: 12W + 12W InputSAV-85 install picsav-85

3.impedance: 47k  Output

4.Impedance: 4-8Ω  Frequency

5.Response 20Hz-20KHz