SAV-52 Sonato


The SAV-52 is the newest model to date (10/11/2015),

The Wi-fi enabled SAV-52 is simply incredible with a small sleek design, it will not take up room in your property, but can still send music into around the property into every room, and features the likes of an auxiliary port and TF card.

With a metal volume controller it has a nice clean look and can fit into any property style, it’s easily labeled but still simplistic meaning that your model will not be covered completely in writing , so there cannot be any confusion and still looks great.

There is also an app you can use to control your SAV-52, with compatibility for Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio and more, the SAV allows you to stream music and has a great variety of music you can acess, listen too and enjoy.

With a standard 86 bottom box you will find the SAV-52 simple to install and ready to use quickly. With 24w output power its safe to have in a bathroom/toilet, which means its safe in any room, making it now easier than ever to have music playing all around the property.

If you need more information please ring us (01424 431144) email us via, alternatively you can come down to the shop and witness the product for yourself.
Visit the shop: 2 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings Tn34 3sb.

20150917191053339SAV-52 installation