SAV-300b Sonato

The SAV-300b is the biggest so far in the Sonato range and is mainly intended for larger rooms however the SAV-300b can be used in any room, it has an Android  operating system allowing you to download apps such as the Rako app, it  has Bluetooth, as well as an SD card to upload your favourite music/ pictures to your device, with many other functions like alarm clock it will become an essential part of your home

Choose your favourite music and operate all functions from the wall panel or remote control. Sonato SAV-300 has support for GJ45 network port, RS485, HDMI, HOST USB, WIFI, Bluetooth and Internet radio etc.

This is our biggest model available and is very popular, it dimensions are 200 x 122 x 55mm (L x W x D) which allows you to have great control with your product.

For more information on SAV-300 please call us (01424 431144) or email alternatively you can come to the store located at 2 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings Tn34 3SB and experience these products for yourself

sonato yz-300